The Leisure Expert Group strives for the right mixture of stage design, story, lighting, sound, video and special effects. All these aspects will eventually come together in a total experience. The Leisure Expert Group will always strive for the highest possible achievable, in order to allow the public to enjoy a unique experience.


The experience is what distinguishes an event. The majority of this experience is brought about by the show’s right ambiance. The Leisure Expert Group functions as a partner for companies in the festival industry. Its spectrum of expertise and the link with the attraction industry allows the Leisure Expert Group to differentiate itself and bring each and every festival up to unique and sensational heights. The Leisure Expert Group enjoys a close working relationship with its customers, in order to arrive at the most convincing and creative concepts.

The Leisure Expert Group has differentiated itself through its fast concept development with the use of creative designs. From master planning of the festival site to the sign on display at the toilets and literally everything in-between. What drives the Leisure Expert Group are key terms such as: experience, storytelling, reliability, service and a true passion for the profession.