Our process

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Our process
01 Masterplanning & Programming 02 Concept Design 03 Schematic Design 04 Detailed Design 05 Art Direction

01 Masterplanning & Programming

We start working on preliminary floorplans and write storylines and experience descriptions.

This phase is the foundation for further development of the project.

Mood board
Intended experience
Sketch floorplan
Bubble diagram
Brand identity
Ride selection
Operational data (capacity, FTE, etc.)

02 Concept Design

In this phase we start visualizing the concept. We develop the preliminary floorplans into a digital 3D massing model to gain a dimensional and volumetric understanding of the space.

Digital 3D models
Artist impressions
Line art
Point of View

03 Schematic Design

In this phase we start detailing on all objects that were visible in the conceptual artworks.
We add dimensions, color coding and materialization to all elements of the experience.
Color Coding
AV design
Operations requirements

04 Detailed Design

In this phase we work on the facility integration of the project.

We bring together all previous drawings and show how they will be integrated together.

Facility integration
AV integration
Prop integration
Operations integration

05 Art Direction

We want the final result to reflect our design intend.

We perform off- and onsite art direction to ensure a high-quality reality, reflecting the initial concept.

New Experience:
On time
Within Budget
According to designsFrom concept
To Reality