about us


The smile of a child, mesmerized by jumping on the back of a frog, a moment frozen in time.

Time is scarce, the time we spend on creating memories together is getting more limited everyday. As experience designers we find it most important to create meaningful and memorable experiences. We want the memories that we create together to last for a lifetime.

We strive to achieve this in every experience we design, it is our goal and most profound motivation. We are your Experts in Experience Design.


We want to enable transformation through heartfelt connection.

We do this for your guests, put ourselves in their shoes and bring them the experience that they never knew would transform their perception of their world. Creating an everlasting memory in the process.

But we also do this for you, our clients. We want to know you, your venue, your challenges and your vision. Our aim is to realize your vision, help you to transform your experience so that it will generate happy memories for your guests for years to come.

C.E.O. – Chief Experience Officer


“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a design company with multidisciplinary knowledge on how to design an experience?”

This is the question we asked ourselves more than ten years ago while we were still on your side of the table. As operators we wanted to create new exciting experiences for our guests, but we always needed to involve many different companies to bring these experiences to life.

We wanted to make this development process easier, combining all competences that are necessary to design and build the most optimal guest experience. Ensuring that what is designed in the beginning by creatives, can always be realized by the suppliers.

With Leisure Expert Group we can now achieve an efficient design process because we have a team of designers, architects and technical engineers, combined with our own experience in park operations. By implementing all of our expertise from the beginning, we can design efficiently as well as foresee and solve issues in implementation thus enabling you to complete a project on schedule and within budget.