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Bobbejaanland Announces Land Of Legends

Bobbejaanland announces Land of Legends

Leisure Expert Group is proud to announce that it has been involved with the creation of Bobbejaanland’s new area: Land of Legends

A new coaster, a new area

Bobbejaanland opens a new themed area called Land of Legends for 2019. Land of Legends will consist of a newly build Gerstlauer infinity coaster, the existing Typhoon coaster and the Sledgehammer giant frisbee. The concept for this new area was created by Leisure Expert Group.

This is Leisure Expert Group’s first project together with Bobbejaanland and it has been a very exciting journey. The park was very well aware of what they wanted and about what target group to target. During the design of Land of Legends, we have been inspired by popular video games and popular super hero movies. We have tried to create a special realm where the help of guests is needed to protect the 4 elements of water, fire, earth and air from evil use.

We have created the design for the area which consisted of a storyline synopsis and some sketches based on a market research as conducted by Bobbejaanland. After this was approved, we went forward with designing the thematic elements such as the statues and coaster stations in elevations.

The Guardian of Elements.

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An extensive storyline and IP

The story and concept behind Land of Legends, really sparks imagination. This was emphasized when Bobbejaanland asked Flemish author Mathilda Masters to extend our storyline for the area into a more detailed short story for their marketing. It once proves shows that all great concepts and themes, start with a story. It also confirms the concepts that we create with our team at Leisure Expert Group have the possibility to be further developed into full grown intellectual properties on their own.

Bobbejaanland and Leisure Expert Group

The collaboration on the Land of Legends, marks the first successful collaboration between Bobbejaanland and Leisure Expert Group. The further execution and production of the scenic elements that we have created for the project will be carried out by Themebuilders Philippines and 2Create under supervision of Bobbejaanland’s project team.

We are proud to have been chosen as design partner for such an extensively themed area and we cannot wait to see our story being brought to life and entertain guests later in the 2019 season.