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Djurs Sommerland Is Getting Ready For Tigeren

Djurs Sommerland is getting ready for Tigeren

Tigeren will be Djurs Sommerland’s new ride for 2019. This Intamin Gyro Swing will be the tallest and fastest ride at the park and Leisure Expert Group is proud to, once again, be responsible for the concept and design of this new attraction.

Jungle Rally and Safaribussen at Djurs Sommerland

Wild Asia expands again

The new Tigeren ride will be the 3rd year of expanding the Wild Asia themed area. In 2017 the park opened Dragekongen, a family suspended coaster also by Intamin and in 2017 the park opened Safaribussen and Jungle Rally, a Zamperla flying bus and a Zierer Force Zero. All of these are proof of the solid and long-term collaboration between Djurs Sommerland and Leisure Expert Group.

As the name suggests, Tigeren will be themed in connection to a Tiger. These powerful and mighty animals living in the Asian jungles, are often depicted on shrines and temples. We have designed this ride based on this phenomenon and dare the guests of Djurs Sommerland to experience the powers of these amazing creatures in this adrenalin pumping ride.

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Continuation of a long partnership

Leisure Expert Group and Djurs Sommerland have been working together since 2014. We started our partnership on the creation of Haunted Houses: Hekseskolen and GraeskarfabrikkenThis led to us being asked to create a multi-year masterplan and to work on the first stage of this masterplan named Bondegardsland. Next up was a new ride for the Pirate area and revamp of the Wild West Area. Since then, we have been working on creating the Wild Asia area and further developing it. We can promise this will not be the last major project we have collaborated on. Together with the owner Henrik Nielsen, we are already working on future plans beyond Tigeren and it is great to see the amount of determination and effort we collectively put into these projects.