Insomniac – EDC
2014 – 2022


  • Blue sky concept
  • Schematic stage design
  • Technical stage design
  • Show design and direction
  • Content design and production
  • Detailed design
  • Art Direction

Kinetic Bloom – 2022

Since 2014 we’ve had the honor of designing the mainstage for Insomniac’s flagship event EDC. Unique to this festival is that all objects, including the mainstage, tour all over America and beyond. This needs to be considered during the design. You’ll find a trip down memory lane, starting with our most recent stage Kinetic Blossom (here above), to the Kinetic Zen from 2021, and the first stage from back in 2014.

Kinetic Zen – 2021

Kinetic Cathedral – 2014