All of these experiences have a single thing in common: they are only available for a limited amount of time. Fueled by the ‘fear of missing out’, this also means that demand is often high, so optimal utilization of the available space is key.

We design these experiences in such a way that they are very intense and immersive as you only have limited time to create meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.


Festival Design

Our design approach to a festival is to view it as a pop-up theme park. There are many similarities between designing a theme park and a festival but there are even more differences.

We masterplan the venue to accommodate immense crowd levels to navigate the different themed areas (often related to musical genres). We dive deep into the brand identity of the festival and make sure that all art-installations, flags and banners are fitting to the overall festival identity.


EDC: Kinetic Zen


As Leisure Expert Group celebrated their 7th edition as Insomniac's official design partner, they created a masterplan and designed the experience that guaranteed the perfect guest journey at world’s biggest pop-up theme park.

Show Design

At a stage event it often happens that guests are looking at the same stage for an extended period of time. To ensure that this will never become a boring view, we try to design the show around multiple worlds (themed lands) that we project on the stage.

This design philosophy also reflects in the use of special effects build up tension and only at the closing ceremony, we make use of all effects and fireworks simultaneously. It enables us to surprise visitors of the festival even the very end of the event.

Stage Design

To us, a stage is the most important storytelling element for any event. It serves the purpose of making the performing artists shine, yet it also needs to serve the overall festival theme and allow for exciting and surprising show elements.

For all stages that we design we take these elements and merge them into one. We ensure that all light, pyro and screens are integrated into a scenic beautifully designed stage.


Wolf Spirit Mainstage

Untold Festival

In collaboration with TWOFIFTYK, Leisure Expert Group has been responsible for the stage design and production of the main stage, Wolf Spirit Stage, at Untold Festival 2018.

Haunted House Design

A Halloween themed event has gained massive popularity over the past couple of years. Whether as a standalone event or as part of a bigger venue, Halloween proves to be a ‘limited time only’ cash-cow.

We have embraced Halloween many times in the past and are experts in designing and building the most terrifying haunted houses around the world. Together with our trusted partners we can build our designs exclusively for Haunted houses and scare guests of all ages.


Haunted Houses

Chimelong Paradise

After working for Chimelong Paradise on "The Drain" in 2017, we were asked to redesign 2 of their other existing Haunted Houses into new experiences for their guests to enjoy. The results are Master Puppeteer and Cursed House which are our 2nd and 3rd Halloween Houses in mainland China.



Nocturnal Wonderland: 20th Anniversary


To turn the 20th anniversary of Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland into a spectacular event, Leisure Expert Group was asked to design and produce a unique stage.


EDC: Crystal Village


After a first successful year of working together on the largest dance festival in the USA, Insomniac Events requested Leisure Expert Group again to contribute to their festival. This time we were responsible for a revision on the masterplan, as well as a rewrite on the overall stories and the design of three different stages.


Pumpkin Soup Factory

Djurs Sommerland

Leisure Expert Group has developed and build a haunted house for the target group 9 years and older, called Pumpkin Soup Factory.


Escape: Freak Circus


Escape is the largest Halloween electronic dance music festival in Southern California, and as Halloween specialist Leisure Expert Group was asked to design and produce the main stage for it.


Nocturnal Wonderland 2014


For Nocturnal Wonderland, the longest running festival by Insomniac, Leisure Expert Group was requested to design and produce the Labyrinth main stage.


Beyond Wonderland 2014


For the Insomniacs’ Beyond Wonderland festival, Leisure Expert Group designed and produced the mainstage which was first revealed in September 2014 at Silicon Valley and after used in March 2015 at San Bernardino.


EDC: Kinetic Cathedral


The first time of Leisure Expert Group cooperating with Insomniac was for the EDC festival and it was a big challenge starting with two storylines, a tourable main-stage, a second stage and nine different time coded intermezzo shows.



Djurs Sommerland

Leisure Expert Group created the first themed haunted house for Djurs Sommerland targeting families with children aged from 4 to 12 years.



Walibi Rhône Alpes

Leisure Expert Group designed and produced a haunted house for the French park Walibi Rhône Alpes, called Clownz’trofobia.


Mad House

Walibi Belgium

Leisure Expert Group produced the Halloween experience Mad House, which turned out to be such a succes that it stayed open until 2016 as permanent attraction.