Since 2014 we have been teaming up with Insomniac to create the most creative festival experiences. Scroll down for a sneak peek of our festival portfolio.

EDC mainstages

electric mile

How do you organize a festival, when you can’t organize a festival? You’ll turn it into a covid-safe drive-thru of course! Experience the world of Insomniac from a new perspective.

we expand reality.

EDC masterplan

We love it when a master plan comes together! For EDC we work on the venue master planning for each of the various locations that this festival travels to.


design at edc

beyond wonderland

We have been working on Alice her favourite party since 2017, and we can’t seem to get enough! Combining recognizable Wonderland ideas, with psychedelic madness, Beyond Wonderland is a creative dream project.

escape halloween

With a background in the theme park industry, Halloween is our team’s favorite holiday. That is why Escape Halloween is such an exciting project for us! Here’s a glimpse of ‘the Grimm’, the main stage of the festival which we designed in 2019.