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Opening Land Of Legends At Bobbejaanland

Opening Land of Legends at Bobbejaanland

This past weekend Bobbejaanland has opened Land of Legends. Leisure Expert Group was responsible for the concept and storyline of this new themed area.

After a development period of just over a year time, Bobbejaanland officially opened the new themed Area ‘Land of Legends’, this past Saturday for press and special guests. Starting Monday June, 24, the area will be open to all guests.

“99,9% is not enough”

When Bobbejaanland was granted permission from its owner Parques Reunidos, to go ahead with their biggest investment in the history of the park: a 40-meter-high triple launch coaster, it became quickly apparent that this new 5-acre area would need an extensive and unique storyline to match. By means of a questionnaire, it became clear that the target audience whished for a mystical, mythical world, heavily influenced by popular videogames. The team of Bobbejaanland had some ideas in mind, but none of them were 100% convincing.

“We already thought of a couple of storylines, yet none of them were convincing enough. 99,9 % is just not good enough”, mentions Peggy Verelst, Commercial Director of Bobbejaanland, during the opening ceremony. “We wanted a green natural theme, with a fitting role for both existing Sledgehammer and Typhoon rides as well as a strong connection to the gaming genre. This is exactly the story that Leisure Expert Group’s Guardian of Elements told us.”

“An incredibly satisfying compliment”, says Marjolein van de Stolpe, CEO of Leisure Expert Group. “We always start to develop our concepts with a strong storyline which helps us greatly to define the overall experience that we would like the guests of Bobbejaanland to experience.”

Leisure Expert Group was not only responsible for the storyline, but also the full design development of the decorations as seen throughout the area. These decorations really transfer the idea from paper to a physical environment.

“It is a great feeling to see that the thing we so strongly believe in come true, namely: wanting to design experiences that are beautiful yet realizable with the available resources. To see the scenic elements being realized exactly the way they were designed, signifies our ability to do so.” Mentions van de Stolpe. “For this I also have to compliment the project team of Bobbejaanland under supervision of Filip Bogaerts and theming contractors ‘Themebuilders’ and ‘2Create’, for their hard work and excellent interpretation of the designs.

Upgrades as trend in European Themeparks

Land of Legends is a unique new themed area at Bobbejaanland with a completely new coaster, yet it is also an upgrade for some existing rides to the current thematic standards within the European theme park industry. “We receive more and more requests to not only theme a new ride or experience, but also update existing rides. Especially in Europe, where most parks are often a couple of decades old and sometimes still have some opening day attractions in their line up”, is mentioned by Max Reims, Client Expert at Leisure Expert Group. “Land of Legends shows the potential for when we take a birdseye view and think outside the scope of the new ride alone and to see if there is the possibility to upgrade other rides in the park as well, which can create a completely new themed area. Other successful examples of this practice are Movie Park Germany’s ‘Excalibur’ ride and Walibi Holland’s ‘Wilderness’ area.” Both of which are also designed by Leisure Expert Group.

Bobbejaanland and Leisure Expert Group

Land of Legends is the first collaboration between Bobbejaanland and Leisure Expert Group.

However, it is not the first time that we work with a park within the Parques Reunidos group, as we have previously worked with Movie Park Germany and Slagharen.

We are proud to have been involved with this project and congratulate Bobbejaanland with the successful opening of Land of Legends.