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Movie Park Studio Tour

Published On: June 23rd, 2021
Today, Movie Park Germany GmbH officially opened their brand-new ride: “Movie Park Studio Tour” to its guests. This special effects based attraction is a hybrid between a dark ride and a rollercoaster and takes guests on a behind the scenes tour through the world renowned ‘Movie Park Studios’ owned by Steven Thrillberg. From the very beginning Leisure Expert Group was part of the development team for this ride. Together with the park’s creative team, led by Manuel Prossotowicz, we created multiple concepts for an SFX coaster experience. As Movie Park had closed their original studio tour attraction in 2007, it was decided to create a ride concept based on such a tour, to bring back a true behind the scenes experience to Movie Park. We created the storyboard for the ride and developed the full set-, technical- and AV design in 3D. This was necessary as the show building, ride safety envelope, décor and techniques had to be integrated in a single design package. This facilitated the theming and SFX contractor P&P Projects B.V. Asten to produce décor elements to specifications off-site and seamlessly integrate them again on-site. The ride looks and sounds amazing thanks to the teamwork of many professionals, also over at Intamin, IMAscore and Wiebe Damstra. More info on the process and a few of our designs can be found on the link below. We congratulate Movie Park Germany with this amazing new ride experience and thank them for trusting our team to create the designs for this signature ride! IAAPA EMEA #experiencedesign #darkride #darkridedesign #themeparkdesign

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