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Walibi Holland “Exotic” (re)opening

Published On: May 1st, 2021
We would like to congratulate Walibi Holland for (re)opening the Exotic themed area in the park today. Guests that visit the park today for the first time this year will be treated to a colorful, vibrant and shiny new area for the whole family to enjoy. Exotic is an eclectic homage to the tropics, vacation vibes and shimmering shiny art. A themed area unlike anything else with a unique and daring approach. The refurbishment of the Exotic area is part of the festivalization of the park that we have been involved with since 2019. That year, the park opened hybrid coaster Untamed in the Wilderness area and continued the festival rebranding with an upgrade of the Speedzone Area in 2020. With the opening of Exotic, it marks the 3rd subsequent collaboration between Walibi Holland and Leisure Expert Group over a time span of only 3 years.

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