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Worlds longest Dark Ride

Published On: January 1st, 2021
In partnership with Insomniac Events, Leisure Expert Group designed the world’s longest dark ride. The Electric Mile debuted this past weekend and with a length of 1,7 kilometers it even surpasses most rollercoasters. And with between 45-60 minutes of experience this dark ride is definitely worth the wait. After extensive R&D we concluded that the most suited ride systems for a socially distant dark ride experience were made by Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford and many others. The vehicles feature on-board audio, heating systems and are interactive elements such as variable speed and direction of the vehicles. Guests will travel along various scenes, depicting the many brands of Insomniac in a spectacle of light, sound and live performances. After a successful and sold-out opening weekend there will be more dates added for the next month to enable more people to enjoy this temporary world’s longest dark ride. Happy new year!

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