Leisure Expert Group specializes in the leisure industry in the broadest sense of the word.
We focus on the design and production of spaces and identities in the leisure, festival and event industry.
Leisure Expert Group is the perfect partner for anyone wishing to immerse their guests in another world.

What we do

Our projects


Walking Dead®: Breakout

Movie Park Germany

The Leisure Expert Group was asked to design and build The Walking Dead®: Breakout, turnkey project in cooperation with AMC.


Trains through the Ages

Railway Museum

Leisure Expert Group was assigned to contribute in making the 175-year-old top collection of Dutch Railways Museum more accessible and attractive for guests.


Masterplanning Wildlands

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Leisure Expert Group has been working together with Wildlands for four years on this amazing project. From the very beginning we were called upon to develop the park’s ‘storytelling’ and after we were involved in various parts of the overall design.


Arctic One

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Leisure Expert Group was been requested to contribute to the development of Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen’s Arctic 1.



Walibi Belgium

The Leisure Expert Group was asked to come up with the technology for the queue line of Pulsar, Walibi Belgium's new attraction.


Birds in (f)light

La Coupole, Nimes

Leisure Expert Group was tasked to create the illusion of dynamics and movement of a static mobile bird frame as a new centerpiece of “La Coupole” in Nimes.


Technical Production Wildlands


Wildlands, Emmen’s new adventure zoo, is all about creating unforgettable meetings with animals in an environment which is perfectly aligned with their original habitants and climates. To enhance this experience, Leisure Expert Group was requested to design and install the technical production including: themed lighting, sound including the content, projectors including the content and other special effects.


EDC: Crystal Village


After a first successful year of working together on the largest dance festival in the USA, Insomniac Events requested Leisure Expert Group again to contribute to their festival. This time we were responsible for a revision on the masterplan, as well as a rewrite on the overall stories and the design of three different stages.


Pumpkin Soup Factory

Djurs Sommerland

Leisure Expert Group has developed and build a haunted house for the target group 9 years and older, called Pumpkin Soup Factory.


The Lift of Horror


Leisure Expert Group created an interactive and fully themed experience for Yumble called The Lift of Horror.




Leisure Expert Group was tasked by Toverland to retheme the existing bobsleigh track located at the Magic Forest into the Blitzbahn.


Escape: Freak Circus


Escape is the largest Halloween electronic dance music festival in Southern California, and as Halloween specialist Leisure Expert Group was asked to design and produce the main stage for it.


Nocturnal Wonderland 2014


For Nocturnal Wonderland, the longest running festival by Insomniac, Leisure Expert Group was requested to design and produce the Labyrinth main stage.


Beyond Wonderland 2014


For the Insomniacs’ Beyond Wonderland festival, Leisure Expert Group designed and produced the mainstage which was first revealed in September 2014 at Silicon Valley and after used in March 2015 at San Bernardino.


EDC: Kinetic Cathedral


The first time of Leisure Expert Group cooperating with Insomniac was for the EDC festival and it was a big challenge starting with two storylines, a tourable main-stage, a second stage and nine different time coded intermezzo shows.

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