Paultons Park


  • Integration of a new themed area into the existing park
  • Area master plan
  • Ride and experience consultation
  • Blue sky concept
  • Ride design
  • Playground design
  • Restaurant design
  • Graphic design and brand identity for the area
  • Bid packages
  • Art direction

When Paultons Park approached us, they asked us to design a roller coaster that was to be placed in the park. We took on the assignment and advised the park to enlarge the scope and create a fully themed area around the coaster. Eventually, we proposed a plan that entailed more than just a coaster. We identified rides that we felt were missing in the attraction mix and could serve age groups that still needed to be represented in the area of the roller coaster. They agreed, and this started our long-term collaboration started.

Our goal for Tornado Springs was to combine different facilities and speak to different audiences, all in 1 appealing area. Along Route 83, you will find everything:

  • Playgrounds: The Junkyard Junction and Parking Lot Tots
  • F&B: Route 83 Diner, The Hay Barn & Tornado Treats
  • Family rides: Al’s Auto Academy, Buffalo Falls, Windmill Towers & Farmyard Flyer
  • Thrill Rides: The Cyclonator & Storm Chaser