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Stage Design, Production and Show Control

Insomniac - EDC Las Vegas 2016

This is the third consecutive year the Leisure Expert Group has been an important Insomniac partner for the organisation of America’s largest dance festival: Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.
The popular festival took place on 17th, 18th and 19th June at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, right in the middle of the Nevada desert and is organised at this location by Insomniac every year. The three day event annually attracts approximately 400,000 adventurous partygoers with an interest in music and art, who are mainly looking for an extraordinary experience. This is certainly abundantly on offer at EDC, with a complete range of eight different music stages, interactive art installations, various attractions, many imaginative acts and artists, food stalls and bars and even the possibility of getting married on the festival grounds.
The Leisure Expert Group has been closely involved with the creative interpretation of the 2016 festival right from the very start and has enjoyed an intensive collaboration with Insomniac’s creative team. Insomniac’s founder, Pasquale Rotella, mainly involved the Leisure Expert Group for the development of the various different stages and to help with developing the festival’s brand identity.




The Leisure Expert Group created a storyline for three of the six stages this year, entirely consistent with EDC’s overall brand identity. The intensive working relationship with Pasquale Rotella and his team allowed Leisure Expert Group to realise the ultimate total experience for the 2016 Electric Daisy Carnival.



The Leisure Expert Group produced a number of different time code shows in addition to all the video content, including the spectacular opening ceremony, five different intermezzo shows, as well as the final show. These shows were all devised and programmed beforehand, making sure all the different effects, such as light, video content, fire, pyro, water and laser were perfectly timed, literally to the millisecond.


The Leisure Expert Group has had the honour of designing and producing the main stage for three consecutive years. The Kinetic Temple was opted for in 2016, following the Kinetic Cathedral in 2014 and the Crystal Village in 2015. The Tree of Imagination is central in this Temple, “as long as there is imagination, we will be able to change the world …”
All the costumes for the main stage performances were also designed by the Leisure Expert Group. Plus the special Owlphabet, the age old script of the owl folk, was also adjusted in line with the modern 2016 stage.

The Leisure Expert Group also developed and produced two other stages for EDC in addition to the entire main stage.

Visitors danced to house and techno music in a titillating maze of neon coloured flowers at the Neon Garden stage. The Leisure Expert Group was responsible for the lighting and stage design.

Hard style music resounded from the Wasteland stage, where visitors celebrated the fact they had survived the green nuclear disaster. The enormous crab can still be seen here as a sign of hope, at the place where the big fight first started