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Europa-Park, Haunted Houses 2016

Code Name 10

Europa-Park is Germany’s largest amusement park and is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe. Europa-Park has also built up a reputation in recent years for its outrageous haunted houses, which are central during the Halloween Horror Nights. The many years of working together resulted in the Leisure Expert Group being tasked with designing, engineering and building two new haunted houses, based on the Europa-Park concepts.


This is our fifth consecutive year of being Europa-Park’s partner for the construction of the haunted houses which are central during the Halloween Horror Nights. A completely new haunted house has been built this year: Code Name 10. You will recognise the haunted houses of the past 10 years in this new haunted house, within the context of the Halloween Horror Nights’ 10th anniversary. In addition to building the new haunted house, some hard work has gone into renovating the 4 existing haunted houses. The Europa-Park concepts have been developed into a production guide per haunted house, within which all the elements of construction, decor and technology have been described in detail. We have built our houses based on this production guide.



“Working on this project as Technical Design Expert involves research, creativity, decisions, diligence, and rigor. When faced with a concept sketch I start with a blank piece of paper or a bare computer screen and follow my own personal approach, mixed with industry best practices, to arrive at a reliable and practical system design. With both creative imagination and many different choices of equipment available, it is as much an art as it is a science. Therefore, designing any AV solution that meets the art-director or client’s requirements, while being fully functional, can be both challenging and when succeeding very mush rewarding.”


Code Name 10 is unique as a result of the elements which have made a comeback from the haunted houses of the past 10 years. The Leisure Expert Group has built the entire haunted house with an attractive entrance and exit: a capsule which will take you back in time. Portals have also been converted in-between the different rooms, which will take visitors to a new dimension.
The four existing haunted houses have been thoroughly renovated, in addition to the construction of Code Name 10. The Leisure Expert Group developed some special effects for The Mansion, Europa-Park’s VIP haunted house, allowing guests to enjoy a thrilling experience as a result of the techniques used.