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Europa-Park, 3 new Haunted Houses - 2017


Europa-Park is Germany’s largest amusement park and is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe. Europa-Park has built a reputation in recent years for its outrageous haunted houses, which they are continuing with the introduction of “Traumatica”, the new name and concept for their Halloween event. After previous successful collaborations, Leisure Expert Group was tasked with engineering and building three new haunted houses, based on concepts developed by Europa-Park.


For the sixth consecutive year, we have been selected as a partner of Europa-Park for the construction of their Halloween Haunted Houses.

This year, the park has introduced a brand new experience called ‘Traumatica’. For Traumatica, Europa-Park created an overall concept in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere where multiple groups battle each other. The ones that survive will reign over the wasteland.

With the introduction of Traumatica, Europa-Park needed to build all new Haunted Houses and Leisure Expert Group was selected to build three of them. You are able to visit ‘The Fallen’, ‘Ghoul’ and ‘The Pack’ during the Halloween season at Europa-Park and experience our expertise for yourself.



“For many years we have designed and built a lot of Haunted Houses for Europa-Park, but there is never a dull moment while working with them.
The concepts are always full of new creative and technical challenges and therefor every year the whole team is determined to exceed all expectations and make the houses even better and more impressive than the year before.
And that’s exactly what we do every year!
Therefore I’m proud to be part of this team as a Technical Design Expert and I have great respect for the creativity and professionality of everyone involved.”



Horrid creatures, known as Ghouls, scour the darkness deep within the Earth. They are attracted by the bodies of the dead but also still thirsty for the blood of the living. Below the surface, they live in dark caverns and pitch black caves.


The Fallen

Survivors of the apocalypse have fallen into serving an ancient evil searching for the ultimate reward: eternal life. They are hunting for victims to offer their to ancient evil masters. They do this from an old victorian house that has fallen into decay.


The Pack

From the Silver Bullet Saloon, a nefarious bike gang seeks nothing else but to drink beer and leave a trail of destruction and carnage. Their murderous tendencies become a danger as once they have smelled your scent, there is no escaping The Pack.