Project Description

IAAPA Theatre decor and show design

IAAPA Expo Europe, 2019

Every year during the IAAPA Expo Europe, IAAPA (the global organization for the attractions industry) hosts a conference programme in a theatre like setting at the Expo. Launching their new corporate identity in Europe for the first time in 2019, Leisure Expert Group was tasked to translate this identity into an IAAPA Theatre branded stage and take care of the production of all events held in the theatre. These events included the opening ceremony, leadership breakfast and keynote by Disney Paris amongst others.

Stage Design
  • Scenic Design

  • Light Design

  • Sound Design

  • Rigging Design

  • SFX Design

Show Design
  • Opening Ceremony

  • Video Content

  • Custom Soundtrack Theme (in collaboration with IMAscore)

Content Design
  • Show script

  • Story board

  • Video production

  • Soundtrack

  • Time coded show

Show Direction
  • Show Director

  • Front of House team

Beast in the floor at the Chimelong Haunted House 2019
The design of the monster at the Chimelong Haunted House 2019

IAAPA Expo Europe 2019 Opening Ceremony

To conceptualize, program and execute an opening ceremony is always a nerve wrecking journey, especially when the entire themed entertainment industry is watching. Luckily, our experience in creating these opening shows for big dance events allowed us to program everything to a time coded show and our show director and front of house team could easily start the next sequence over and over again. Preparation is everything!

The Master Puppeteer at Chimelong Haunted House in 2019
The scare actors at Chimelong Haunted House in 2019

Collaboration amongst multiple companies

For the realization of such a great decor, show and overall event, we have had to collaborate with many other companies from the themed entertainment industry. A special thanks to Imascore, Exclusive International, Christie and our sister company Aniba Theme park Entertainment to have joined us as a preferred production partner of IAAPA.

Scare actor at the Cursed House Haunted House at Chimelong in 2019
Outside at The Cursed House Haunted House in 2019
The scare actor at the stairs at the Cursed House Haunted House at Chimelong in 2019





Yummy is a Haunted House designed and produced by Leisure Expert Group.




Since 2012 Europa-park had been teaming up with Leisure Expert Group for the development of the haunted houses for their Halloween event. In the initial years this event was called Halloween Horror Night, but continued as "Traumatica" in 2017.


Escape: The Grimm


In 2019 Leisure Expert Group celebrated their 6th edition as Insomniac’s official design partner with the development of the Escape Festival in Southern California. For this Halloween themed event, a new masterplan was produced based on a newly written story line and from there the festival was made into a successful reality.


Wolf Spirit Mainstage

Untold Festival

In collaboration with TWOFIFTYK, Leisure Expert Group has been responsible for the stage design and production of the main stage, Wolf Spirit Stage, at Untold Festival 2018.


EDC: Kinetic Love


The EDC Las Vegas mainstage always tells a new and exciting story. For the fifth consecutive year we have been responsible for the EDC Mainstage design. Together with Insomniac the theme Kinetic Love was created. For this particular stage Love was the main subject and was displayed by two giant 30 meter (90ft) high statues sharing one heart. The stage was built as a safe and sacred space where life should be celebrated together.


Góralsko Dżungla


The Jungle Mountain was the first step in the process to develop the amusement park 'Rabkoland' into a theme park with multiple themed worlds.


Randy & Rosie Show Stage

Slagharen Theme park & Resort

Leisure Expert Group has created a new show venue for the Randy & Rosie show at Slagharen Theme park & Resort.



Movie Park Germany

Leisure Expert Group rethemed the 1998 built rapid river ride from the Mystery River into Excalibur.




The design on the new dueling racing coaster 'Tweestryd' flows into the zoo environment and brings an educational element to its riders.



City Leisure Group

From the heart of Amsterdam, THIS IS HOLLAND presents a unique flying experience that will show you the Netherlands from a whole new perspective. Leisure Expert Group was closely involved with this project from the very start. Together with the client, we developed the concept, schematic and detail design of the attraction. During the construction and installation were also responsible for the in-field art direction as well as the technical production.


The Drain

Chimelong Paradise

The Drain was the first Halloween project outside of Europe for Leisure Expert Group and was established in cooperation with Chimelong Group.


EDC: Kinetic Gaia


As Insomniacs design partner for four consecutive years, Leisure Expert Group designed and produced the mainstage for the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas once again with this years theme the Kinetic Gaia.


Pirate Area

Djurs Sommerland

Leisure Expert Group design and developed the refurbishment of the Pirate area as part of their 15 years masterplan.


Halloween Horror Nights


For five continuous years, Europa-Park has teamed up with Leisure Expert Group to design and produce haunted houses as central pieces for their Halloween Horror Nights.


EDC: Kinetic Temple


For the third year collaborating with Insomniac, Leisure Expert Group has been closely involved in the creative interpretation of America's largest dance festival EDC together with Insomniac's creative team.