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Bobbejaanland 2019


Land of Legends, 2019

When Bobbejaanland was green-lit to go ahead with their biggest investment in the history of the park: a 40-meter-high triple launch coaster, it became quickly apparent that this new 5-acre area would need an extensive and unique storyline to match.

By means of a questionnaire, it became clear that the target audience wished for a mystical, mythical world, heavily influenced by popular video games. The team of Bobbejaanland had some ideas in mind, but none of them were 100% convincing.

The Park had already thought of a couple of storylines, yet none of them were to be found convincing enough. “99,9 % is just not good enough”, says Peggy Verelst, Commercial Director of Bobbejaanland. “We wanted a green natural theme, with a fitting role for both existing Sledgehammer and Typhoon rides as well as a strong connection to the gaming genre. This is exactly the story that Leisure Expert Group’s Guardian of Elements told us.”

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More and more often we receive requests, not only to theme a new ride or experience, but also to update existing rides. Especially in Europe, where most parks are often a couple of decades old and sometimes still have some opening day attractions in their line up.

Land of Legends shows the potential of taking a birdseye view and think outside the scope of the new ride itself and then explore the possibility to upgrade other rides in the park as well, in order to create a brand new themed area.

Other successful examples of this practice are Movie Park Germany’s ‘Excalibur’ ride and Walibi Holland’s ‘Wilderness’ area. Both of which have also been designed by Leisure Expert Group.


  • Concept Design
    • Storyline
    • Artwork
  • Schematic Design
    • Elevations
    • Signage