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Birds in (f)light

Nimes, “La Coupole” - 2016

Located between the sea and the Cevennes hills, Nîmes is one of the most attractive towns in Mediterranean France. The city was established by the Romans, and has the finest collection of Roman remains and tradition in France. All the streets in the city center lead to another old tradition; The marketplace of Nimes. In the modern age this old tradition was placed indoors, but after many decades the building needed a big refreshment. Completed with a new centerpiece where the bird of “La Coupole” played a big role.

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“We were tasked to create the illusion of dynamics and movement of a static mobile bird frame. This was accomplished by mounting small but powerful RGB light modules inside the small bodys of translucent birds. We meticulously engineered a system were uniform lighted birds are easily mounted with long cables to a custom build frame with standard track rails.”


The result is a clean flock of birds in mid flight… During the day the birds dynamically change colour and give the illusion of movement. With the flexible mounting we did not only accomplished the primary mission. But our smart engineering made it possible to exceed expectations. Now the client can use this flexible platform to change the birds in to any track mounted object with or without light. With the many years to come we hope to see many variations!

Birds in (f)light at La Couple in Nîmes
Birds in (f)light at La Couple in Nîmes
Technical Expert working on Birds in (f)light at La Couple in Nîmes
Birds in (f)light at La Couple in Nîmes
One of the large birds of Birds in (f)light at La Couple in Nîmes
Installing Birds in (f)light at La Couple in Nîmes
Birds in (f)light at La Couple in Nîmes