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PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay, 2019

The famous cartoon dogs’ hometown of Adventure Bay has been brought to Movie Park Germany for their 2019 season.

Having worked with Movie Park before on ‘Walking Dead®: Breakout’ and ‘Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest’, we were asked to help with the redevelopment of a distant corner in Nickland.

Previously home to a small playground in Nickelodeon color scheme, the area was selected to be redeveloped into a new addition to Nickland for the 2019 season.

The park had been in ongoing talks with Nickelodeon to bring the popular children’s TV series ‘PAW Patrol’ to the park. We were asked to do the scenic development of the new area and together with Nickelodeon Creative and the Movie Park development team we created ‘PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay’.

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“The home of all the characters in PAW Patrol is Adventure bay, so it was an obvious choice to make this location the main subject for the area.Working together with such a popular IP as PAW Patrol means we extensively studied their style guide. We then layered this unique and distinctive style on top of the various distinct attraction types that were chosen. This always provides an exciting challenge in which we, as designers, try to stretch the ride vendor’s possibilities to the absolute maximum.”


  • Concept Design
    • Artwork
  • Schematic Design
    • Elevations
    • Signage
  • Detailed Design
    • Materialization
    • Dimensioning