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Metamorphosis of the "Workshop"

Railway Museum, Trains through the Ages - 2016

You can discover the story of 175 years of Dutch Railways in the Railway Museum in Utrecht.
The Railway Museum is made up of several worlds. The Leisure Expert Group was asked to contribute to the refurbishment of the large museum hall, which was still referred to as ‘the workplace’ at the time. It’s the museum’s largest space in square meters, where trains have been classically put on display. The assignment was to make the 175 year old top collection of Dutch Railways more accessible and attractive for the guests. The Leisure Expert Group was given the honour of coming up with a design, whereby it would seem like every individual train came to life.

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“We managed to change the whole of World four within a short period of time and transformed it into ‘Trains through the Ages’. The lead time was short, but also increased in proportion as the Railway Museum expanded the activities. The original task was actually doubled within the same lead time.”

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But many other developments were added too:
• A selfie pillar where visitors can send a selfie from various stations from the past.
• A scientific pillar for visitors who would like to know more.
• A Stoker and Machinist game for the children.
• A kiosk where all times come together in a timeline animation.


The Leisure Expert Group developed a new entrance to the Railway Museum, which is no longer directly linked to the former ‘World 4’. A wall was constructed which effectively separates ‘Trains through the Ages’ from the entrance. We have opted to include fewer trains, allowing a much improved overview of the hall for the visitors. Every train is equipped with an interactive and informative item, allowing visitors to acquire information about the trains in a fun way. The visitors’ visit duration has thereby been demonstrably extended.

Train on display in the large auditorium of Spoorwegmuseum
Train on display in the large auditorium of Spoorwegmuseum
Interactive ticket machine in the large auditorium of Spoorwegmuseum
Statue of three dogs in the large auditorium of Spoorwegmuseum
Bronze statue in the large auditorium of the Spoorwegmuseum