Project Description

THIS IS HOLLAND, turn-key development

City Leisure Group, 2018

From the heart of Amsterdam, THIS IS HOLLAND presents a unique flying experience that will show you the Netherlands from a whole new perspective.

Leisure Expert Group was closely involved with this project from the very start. Together with the client, we started with a masterplanning and based on that we developed the concept, schematic and detail design of the attraction. During the construction and installation were also responsible for the in-field art direction as well as the technical production.

The concept THIS IS HOLLAND takes visitors on a scenic flight over the Netherlands. To make the experience more meaningful we have created a visitor journey with two pre-shows. In the first show guests are indulged in Dutch history and heritage, whereas in the second show they will get a sneak preview about the beautiful Dutch sites they are about to fly over in the main show. The main show is a so-called ‘Flying Theatre’ ride system in which guests experience the sensation of flying by the use of a motion seat and a spheric dome projection. After the main show, we have created a post show environment in collaboration with Unesco, showcasing Unesco World Heritage sites in the Netherlands.

Masterplanning & Concept Development
  • Phasing

  • Floorplan

  • Storyline

  • Ride selection

Concept Design
  • Experience design

  • Artist impressions

  • Volume study

  • Brand identity

Schematic Design
  • Elevations

  • Dimensioning

  • Materialization & Color Coding

  • AV Design

Detailed Design
  • Operation specification

  • Facility integration

  • Signage and wayfinding

  • Printfiles

Content Design
  • Show script

  • Story board

  • Video production

  • Soundtrack

Art direction
  • AV Programming & Installation

  • On-site art direction

  • Show direction

Art banner of THIS IS HOLLAND
Houses in art impression of the storyline of THIS IS HOLLAND
Guest experience as art impression of the storyline of THIS IS HOLLAND
Art impression of the storyline of THIS IS HOLLAND
Art impression of the guest experience at THIS IS HOLLAND
Art impression of the guest experience at THIS IS HOLLAND
Guests at the pre-show in THIS IS HOLLAND

Turn-key development

We have been working on the design and production of  the THIS IS HOLLAND experience since 2016. We have designed the full visitor experience from the first sketches to the media storyboards all the way to the final construction drawings. The end result shows our competence in our scenic-, show- and technical design expertise.

3D visualization of the entrance at THIS IS HOLLAND
3D visualization of the pre-show at THIS IS HOLLAND
3D visualization of second pre-show at THIS IS HOLLAND

AV Design

We have been responsible for the entire technical production of THIS IS HOLLAND. We have designed, engineered and installed all light, audio and video equipment in the attraction. We have programmed a custom showcontrol system to ensure easy usability and low maintenance. The fully automated show makes for an amazing guest experience with every cycle.

Technical installation during construction at THIS IS HOLLAND
The entrance hall of THIS IS HOLLAND
Guests at the pre-show at THIS IS HOLLAND
Guests at the second pre-show at THIS IS HOLLAND
The second pre-show of THIS IS HOLLAND while playing
The post experience of THIS IS HOLLAND

Content design

Together with our sister company Aniba Productions we have created the content for both pre-shows of THIS IS HOLLAND. We created the storyline and script and they were responsible for casting and directing the talent as well as the complete cinematography and SFX. Dutch company Audiocult composed the soundtrack under our creative direction.

The marketing poster of THIS IS HOLLAND



Movie Park Studio Tour

Movie Park Germany

For their 25th Anniversary, Movie Park Germany opened a new attraction: the Movie Park Studios Tour. This combination of dark ride and rollercoaster was designed by Leisure Expert Group in collaboration with the Movie Park Germany Project team.


Tornado Springs

Paultons Park

For their 2021 season Paultons Park has introduced the new "Tornado Springs" themed land. Leisure Expert Group was responsible or the compleet master plan and design development of the themed area.


Electric Mile


In partnership with Insomiac Events, Leisure Expert Group designed the world’s longest 'dark ride'. The Electric Mile debuted in the beginning of 2021 and with a length of 1,7 kilometers it beats the record with ease.

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Djurs Sommerland

For their 2022 season Djurs Sommerland will introduce the new "Dinosaurland" themed area.


Test Lab

Universe Science Park

For the Danish Universe Science Park, we have been assigned to design a new exciting science exhibition. The exhibition is all about mental and physical challenges that guests can compete in with each other. 


Speed Zone

Walibi Holland

To continue the Festivalization rebranding after the Main Street and Wilderness, Walibi Holland created the Speed Zone area as third to transform. We created many festival experiences as official design partner of Insomniac Events, making us the perfect supplier to create a festival like atmosphere in the theme park. 


Sonar Station

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Leisure Expert Group has been assigned by Wildland Adventure Zoo Emmen to redesign the Terra Explorer experience located in the Nortica area of the park, into the Sonar Station.


Haunted Houses

Chimelong Paradise

After working for Chimelong Paradise on "The Drain" in 2017, we were asked to redesign 2 of their other existing Haunted Houses into new experiences for their guests to enjoy. The results are Master Puppeteer and Cursed House which are our 2nd and 3rd Halloween Houses in mainland China.


Park Entrance redesign

Djurs Sommerland

Leisure Expert Group was responsible for masterplanning and designing the 2020 upgrade of the entrance area of Djurs Sommerland.


IAAPA Theatre

IAAPA Expo Europe

Leisure Expert Group was asked to design the IAAPA theatre for the annual IAAPA Expo Europe in 2019 and produce all events taking place there. Next to the time coded opening ceremony we worked on the stage design and provided front of house staff during all events.


Land of Legends


Land of Legends is a unique new themed area at Bobbejaanland with a completely new coaster, yet it is also an upgrade of some existing rides to the current thematic standards within the European theme park industry.  The area shows the potential of taking a birdseye view and think outside the scope of the new ride itself and then explore the possibility to upgrade other rides in the park as well, in order to create a brand new themed area.  Having worked with Movie Park before on ‘Walking Dead®: Breakout’ and ‘Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest’, we were asked to help with the redevelopment of a distant corner in Nickland.



Walibi Holland

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Wild Asia

Djurs Sommerland

Throughout different stages Leisure Expert Group developed the Wild Asia Area at Djurs Sommerland where guests can be immersed into a place full of myths and legends hidden deep down in the wild Jungle of Asia.


Time Machine Restaurant


Aboard the AIDAnova, passengers can indulge themselves in a dinner show of magical proportions as Professor Tempus will take them on a time traveling adventure into the depths off the Ocean. Leisure Expert Group was closely involved with this project from the very start. Together with the talented team of AIDA, we were responsible for the storyline, the conceptual design of the restaurant and the production of the full content for the dinner show. As all designs were completed and the content was produced, we also took the responsibility of the art direction for all scenic elements and we show-directed the live performance together with the live entertainment crew of AIDA.


EDC: Kinetic Energy


As Leisure Expert Group celebrated their 6th edition as Insomniac's official design partner, they created a masterplan and designed the experience that guaranteed the perfect guest journey at world’s biggest pop-up theme park.


PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay

Movie Park Germany

The famous cartoon dogs’ hometown of Adventure Bay has been brought to Movie Park Germany for their 2019 season. We have worked closely with ‘Nickelodeon Creative’ to bring this popular IP (Intellectual Property) to life in a playful and child-friendly themed environment. Having worked with Movie Park before on ‘Walking Dead®: Breakout’ and ‘Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest’, we were asked to help with the redevelopment of a distant corner in Nickland.