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Fully Themed Bobsleigh Track

Toverland, BlitzBahn - 2015

Toverland approached the Leisure Expert Group to work on the renovation of an existing bobsleigh track in the Magic Forest. The entire concept surrounding the new theme was inspired by Austrian inventor Maximus Müller and his latest invention: The BlitzBahn, for which he was recruiting test riders. The waiting zone and attraction were decorated and kitted out with a great deal of technology according to this storyline. The Leisure Expert Group was asked to design and install the technology in line with the concept.

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“We provided new audio visual equipment, special effects and show control for the attraction. In addition, we brought the area surrounding the attraction to life using various light and sound effects, such as a cosy Austrian setting with a terrace and a bar.”


The attraction started in Maximus Müller’s guardhouse, where the queue formed. The Leisure Expert Group installed new lights, sound and special effects here. Every room in the Guardhouse had a theme with matching effects, such as a cuckoo clock which launched a cuckoo at set times; a crackling fire; steam effects in several places; multiple interactive effects which could be activated by the guest; a ball experiment where a ball activated several effects as it rolled down a course. The bobsleigh start was activated by a countdown clock, with bubbling cauldrons and steam escaping because of the high pressure.

The Leisure Expert Group installed various light and sound effects in the tunnel at the start of the track. To the sound of crackling electricity, the columns lit up and a lightning bolt shot through each of them. The hens clucked in the henhouse. The entire length of the track was fitted with a full coverage camera system, a calamity audio system and almost 40 old oil lamps in the rafters. The link between the ride and the photo finish system which registered the finishing time was also provided by the Leisure Expert Group.

Finally, the area surrounding the BlitzBahn was fitted with light and sound effects. The horse carousel was fully themed with sound and the terrace, bar and trees had special lighting, all of which were programmed by an ingenious show control system.

Part of the queue for Maximus Blitzbahn at Toverland
Part of the queue for Maximus Blitzbahn at Toverland
Detail in the queue for Maximus Blitzbahn at Toverland
Part of the queue for Maximus Blitzbahn at Toverland
The exterior of Maximus Blitzbahn at Toverland