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From Dark ride past moving scenes to an optimum experience

Vulcania, Volcans Sacrés - 2013

Vulcania is an educational theme park, dedicated to earthly sciences. The park is located in the volcano chain Chîne des Puys. The visitors can learn more about the science behind the volcanoes in a surprising, entertaining and interactive environment.

The attraction Volcans Sacrés is a journey through the legends of the volcanoes of the world. In a special vehicle, you are transported past the various scenes where, by means of sound, lighting, video and special effects, the legends are presented in an educational and attractive way. Under the assignment of Jora Vision, LEG designed and installed all the technology in this indoor attraction and also developed a show control system whereby the shows in the scenes are not linked to a timeline but to the actual positions of the vehicles.

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“The starting points of Vulcania were challenging: an underground attraction within a relatively small space with a high ride capacity, where high-quality shows are played in the 7 scenes. The EFT vehicles had to be integrated within the show control system, to allow the shows to start exactly on time. LEG developed an extremely stable show control system within which the scenes are not linked to time but to the system of the ride. Each vehicle is recognized for every scene and the scene only starts when the vehicle is in its position.”


With the show control system designed by LEG, Vulcania has now had a reliable attraction for 4 seasons. The visitors are given the information in a striking way, attuned exactly to the timing of the vehicles. All the sound, lighting, video and special effects have been integrated into an attractive decor and aimed at the full experience of each scene by every visitor.

A scene in Volcans Sacrés in Vulcania
A scene in Volcans Sacrés in Vulcania
A scene in Volcans Sacrés in Vulcania
Visitors enjoying Volcans Sacrés in Vulcania
A scene in Volcans Sacrés in Vulcania
Technical effects installation and finetuning at Volcans Sacrés in Vulcania