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Light, sound and video effects

Walibi Belgium, Pulsar - 2016

Walibi Belgium is an amusement park located in the Belgian Wavre. Walibi Belgium opened a spectacular new attraction in June 2016: Pulsar is a launched shuttle water rollercoaster. The Leisure Expert Group was asked to come up with the technology for this new attraction’s queue. The theme’s starting point is that the various different elements in the queue result in sufficient energy being added to the attraction in order for this to be launched.

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Walibi Belgium had clear ideas where this new attraction’s experience and theming was concerned. The Leisure Expert Group was given the honour of working on realising these ideas. The Leisure Expert Group used the very latest lighting and projection techniques to make the experience completely immersive.

“A fantastic project, which we have thoroughly enjoyed engineering and building. Simulating an electric shock through a tube was a particularly fun challenge. It’s absolutely fantastic that our engineers have managed to develop a product which completely links into the concept.”


The Leisure Expert Group installed all the lighting, sound and video effects in the queue line, both pre-shows and the boarding station. These effects simulate a real energy reactor with a pulsing heart, which appears to provide the entire attraction with energy. The discharge of this energy, from the reactor to the boat, takes place during the ride’s launch. All the lighting effects have been synchronised with the image and sound in such a way that it results in a truly spectacular experience.

Detail in the queue of Pulsar at Walibi Belgium
Detail in the queue of Pulsar at Walibi Belgium
Pulsar at Walibi Belgium
Energy reactor in the queue of Pulsar at Walibi Belgium
Detail in the queue of Pulsar at Walibi Belgium