Project Description

Wildlands Adventure Zoo, Masterplanning

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen, 2016

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen innovated the concept of an ordinary zoo with their new opened zoo in 2016. Guests of the zoo place themselves inside the animals’ natural habitats through highly immersive environments throughout the park. In this way, guests have unforgettable meetings with the animals, the nature and the culture without actually affecting the natural environment of the animals itself.

Leisure Expert Group has been working together with Wildlands for four years on this amazing project. From the very beginning, we were called upon to develop the park’s ‘storytelling’. After the story was developed, we were involved in the masterplanning and various parts of the overall design. The core concepts that are used in the realizations of the designs were fun, wonder and respect. The immersive experience is divided into the areas: Jungola, Serenga and Nortica, which have allowed Wildlands to distinguish itself from all other European animal parks. Our team has worked together with Volker Wessels and Jora Vision for this Project.

Masterplanning & Concept Development
  • Phasing

  • Floorplan

  • Storyline

Concept Design
  • Experience design

  • Artist impressions

  • Volume study

  • Brand identity

Schematic Design
  • Elevations

  • Dimensioning

  • Materialization & Color Coding

  • AV Design

Detail Design
  • Operation specification

  • Facility integration

  • Signage and wayfinding

  • Printfiles

Art Direction
  • Off-site art direction

  • On-site art direction

The storyboard of the experience at Wildlands Zoo
The map of Wildlands zoo areas

Jungola area

Jungola takes place in a gigantic tropical greenhouse with the idea of coexistence with nature. Guests can take a boat ride through the Rimbula River that runs passed the elephants and through the trees all kinds of monkeys and birds live in. Jungola is also home to Jungle Jim, a survivor living that teaches guests about the animals and the nature.

The boat ride with elephants at Wildlands Zoo
Children playing with automatic water pistols at Wildlands Zoo
The entrance portal at the Serenga area at Wildlands Zoo

Serenga area

Serenga it a savannah, which is all about carrying for the nature. To visit the animals living in the savannah, guests can go on expedition in a guided truck and see amongst others zebras, gnus and giraffes. Surrounding the animal savannah there are different exhibits to teach guests more about the nature and to raise their awareness.

The Momma's restaurant at Wildlands Zoo
Building at the Nortica area in Wildlands Zoo

Nortica Area

Nortica is the coolest place of Wildlands, it is as if being on the Arctic. In Nortica researches are working on creating a better world and guests are invited to join them. They can go on expedition in the Arctic with a 4D adventure, meet other researchers and visit animals as polar bears and penguins in their natural living environment.

Polar-bear exhibit at the Wildlands Zoo
The entrance portal building at Nortica in Wildlands Zoo



Eine abenteuerliche Reise durch Zeit und Raum


On cruise ship the AIDAcosma, passengers can indulge themselves in a dinner show where Professor Tempus welcomes the guest aboard of his time machine. Today he is going to take you on a special journey to Saturday the eighth of September, 2125. Leisure Expert Group was closely involved with this project from the very start. Together with the talented team of AIDA, we were responsible for the storyline, the conceptual design of the restaurant and the production of the full content for the dinner show. As all designs were completed and the content was produced, we also took the responsibility of the art direction for all scenic elements and we show-directed the live performance together with the live entertainment crew of AIDA.



Djurs Sommerland

For their 2022 season Djurs Sommerland will introduce the new "Dinosaurland" themed area.


EDC: Kinetic Zen


As Leisure Expert Group celebrated their 7th edition as Insomniac's official design partner, they created a masterplan and designed the experience that guaranteed the perfect guest journey at world’s biggest pop-up theme park.


Movie Park Studio Tour

Movie Park Germany

For their 25th Anniversary, Movie Park Germany opened a new attraction: the Movie Park Studios Tour. This combination of dark ride and rollercoaster was designed by Leisure Expert Group in collaboration with the Movie Park Germany Project team.


Tornado Springs

Paultons Park

For their 2021 season Paultons Park has introduced the new "Tornado Springs" themed land. Leisure Expert Group was responsible or the compleet master plan and design development of the themed area.


Electric Mile


In partnership with Insomiac Events, Leisure Expert Group designed the world’s longest 'dark ride'. The Electric Mile debuted in the beginning of 2021 and with a length of 1,7 kilometers it beats the record with ease.



Walibi Holland

To continue the Festivalization rebranding after the Main Street, Wilderness and Speedzone, Walibi Holland pinpointed the Exotic area as fourth to transform. We created many festival experiences as official design partner of Insomniac Events, making us the perfect supplier to create a festival like atmosphere in the theme park. 


Test Lab

Universe Science Park

For the Danish Universe Science Park, we have been assigned to design a new exciting science exhibition. The exhibition is all about mental and physical challenges that guests can compete in with each other. 


Speed Zone

Walibi Holland

To continue the Festivalization rebranding after the Main Street and Wilderness, Walibi Holland created the Speed Zone area as third to transform. We created many festival experiences as official design partner of Insomniac Events, making us the perfect supplier to create a festival like atmosphere in the theme park. 


Sonar Station

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Leisure Expert Group has been assigned by Wildland Adventure Zoo Emmen to redesign the Terra Explorer experience located in the Nortica area of the park, into the Sonar Station.


Haunted Houses

Chimelong Paradise

After working for Chimelong Paradise on "The Drain" in 2017, we were asked to redesign 2 of their other existing Haunted Houses into new experiences for their guests to enjoy. The results are Master Puppeteer and Cursed House which are our 2nd and 3rd Halloween Houses in mainland China.


Park Entrance redesign

Djurs Sommerland

Leisure Expert Group was responsible for masterplanning and designing the 2020 upgrade of the entrance area of Djurs Sommerland.


IAAPA Theatre

IAAPA Expo Europe

Leisure Expert Group was asked to design the IAAPA theatre for the annual IAAPA Expo Europe in 2019 and produce all events taking place there. Next to the time coded opening ceremony we worked on the stage design and provided front of house staff during all events.