We design & master plan theme parks, zoos and resorts. Whether this is a single ride development within an existing theme, a fully immersive darkride, a new animal exhibit or a full themed area masterplan. We design the best guest experience that matches the available budget and amazes the specific target audience.

Our design disciplines include:

  • Blue sky concept development
  • Concept design
  • Master planning
  • Brand identity
  • Show Design
  • Schematic design
  • Detailed design
  • Art direction
  • Feasibility study



If you are looking into developing a completely new theme park, extend your theme park with a new and exciting area, look into the opportunities of lodging, we always start with a masterplan that is feasible for you.

From this masterplan we continue into the various design phases for your theme park, themed area or resort and ensure your initial concept becomes reality.

Themed Area Design

If you are operating an existing park and are looking to extend the park with a new themed area, we can plan and design the complete thematic experience.

We can also take a look at an existing themed area and design a fitting overlay to present a new overall experience to your guests, using a mixture of new and existing rides.


Land of Legends


Land of Legends is a unique new themed area at Bobbejaanland with a completely new coaster, yet it is also an upgrade of some existing rides to the current thematic standards within the European theme park industry.  The area shows the potential of taking a birdseye view and think outside the scope of the new ride itself and then explore the possibility to upgrade other rides in the park as well, in order to create a brand new themed area.  Having worked with Movie Park before on ‘Walking Dead®: Breakout’ and ‘Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest’, we were asked to help with the redevelopment of a distant corner in Nickland.

Attraction & Ride Design

We provide attraction and ride design for existing parks that are looking to attract more guests with new investments and upgrades to their venue.

It is also possible to re-design an existing ride or attraction with a new theme or updated show control systems. This is a great options to upgrade an older ride to a new ride experience on a lower budget.


Wild Asia

Djurs Sommerland

Throughout different stages Leisure Expert Group developed the Wild Asia Area at Djurs Sommerland where guests can be immersed into a place full of myths and legends hidden deep down in the wild Jungle of Asia.

Dark Ride Design

For those who are looking into bringing an exciting storytelling experience into their venues, we can design a complete dark ride experience.

This can be part of a masterplan and themed area but is just as powerful of an individual immersive experience.


La Machine a Voyager dans le Temps


Leisure Expert Group has developed the technological elements connected into one show control for the award winning attraction La Machine a Voyager dans le Temps at Futuroscope.



Walking Dead®: Breakout

Movie Park Germany

The Leisure Expert Group was asked to design and build The Walking Dead®: Breakout, turnkey project in cooperation with AMC.


Masterplanning Wildlands

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Leisure Expert Group has been working together with Wildlands for four years on this amazing project. From the very beginning we were called upon to develop the park’s ‘storytelling’ and after we were involved in various parts of the overall design.


Arctic One

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Leisure Expert Group was been requested to contribute to the development of Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen’s Arctic 1.



Walibi Belgium

The Leisure Expert Group was asked to come up with the technology for the queue line of Pulsar, Walibi Belgium's new attraction.


Technical Production Wildlands


Wildlands, Emmen’s new adventure zoo, is all about creating unforgettable meetings with animals in an environment which is perfectly aligned with their original habitants and climates. To enhance this experience, Leisure Expert Group was requested to design and install the technical production including: themed lighting, sound including the content, projectors including the content and other special effects.




Leisure Expert Group was tasked by Toverland to retheme the existing bobsleigh track located at the Magic Forest into the Blitzbahn.



Djurs Sommerland

Leisure Expert Group realized the first step of the masterplan of Djurs Sommerland, which was the development of an entire new area Bondegårdsland.


Psyke Underground

Walibi Belgium

Leisure Expert Group refurbished the ride Pyske: Underground with the use of technical elements.


Djengu River


Leisure Expert Group brought alive the decor of Djengu River with the use lighting, sounds and special effects.